Climate Control for blasting, painting and coating

Dehumidification systems on rent for blasting, painting and coating any time during the year irrespective of weather conditions

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Climate control is critical during blasting, painting and coating jobs in tank, bullets, columns, reactors, coke drums, vessels, pipelines, etc. High relative humidity causes condensation on the metal surface resulting in coating related problems like blooming or flash rust.. An adequately designed and applied dehumidification system during blasting, painting and coating operations will ensure that the RH inside the tank is maintained as per the technical specification, for optimum performance of the coating/painting to enable timely completion of the project.
Commonly faced Issues leading to shorter Coating life There are several factors that contribute to the short life of the current coating systems, the most common being:
  • Poor surface preparation, as a result of uncontrolled environmental conditions leads to blistering, cracking, peeling and cratering on the surface. This results in improper adhesion between the substrate and the coating.
  • High relative humidity causes condensation on the metal surface which results in corrosion. Unfavourable environment during a coating application could cause blister and crater which may lead to coating failure. It is crucial that the temperature, relative humidity, and dew points are as per technical specifications. Industrial coatings require a clean and stable environment where the correct temperature and humidity conditions are favourable.

Maintain temperature, relative humidity, and dew points are as per technical specifications. Moisture levels should be controlled inside the tanks to increase the coating life. Maintain relative humidity inside the tank at <55% and temperature between 30ºC-35ºC.

TDS Solution

TDS provides desiccant based Dehumidification system to maintain the recommended relative humidity levels. Condensing unit & Blowers help maintain temperature between 30ºC ~ 35ºC and provides adequate ventilation.
TDS dehumidification system:
  • Assure good quality coatings and meeting paint manufacturer specifications
  • Enables the blast, clean, and coat cycle to be done at any time of the year regardless of ambient conditions
  • Enables the contractor to reduce the project time by up to 35%
  • Enables the owner to reliably predict the downtime of tank
  • Increases the life of the coating

Dehumidification is a crucial factor for anti-corrosive painting. The cost of dehumidification is only approximately 2-4% of the total treatment cost of corrosion preventive painting. Moreover, dehumidification is often a prerequisite for the correct execution of anti-corrosive painting.

How TDS does it?

An adequately designed dehumidification system is used during blasting, painting and coating jobs to ensure the following:

  • RH inside the tank should be less than 55% during the entire period of blasting and coating, including night time.
  • Maintain a -5°C dew point differential between the air and surface temperature of the steel surface to be coated.
  • Maintain a -12°C dew point differential between the air inside and the air outside the tank.
  • Maintain a relative humidity of the surrounding air below 55%


  • Increase in coating & paint life by 1.5 – 2 times
  • Prevention of rust bloom, blistering and curing failures
  • Delivers specified temperature and RH conditions
  • Achieves RH levels sufficient to hold the blast and prevent rust
  • Improves the addition of paint on steel surface
  • Maintenance job can be done continuously without any interruption which results in decrease in downtime

Climate Control for Blasting, Painting
and Coating

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