Water damage restoration lead to faster business resumption

Bristol Hotel
Gurgaon, Haryana


Bristol hotel is a 5 star hotel located in Gurgaon. During the monsoon season, due to heavy rainfall the basement in Bristol hotel was flooded with gallons of water. The water had leaked into the basement due to over flow of drainage tank.



All furniture and furnishings like carpet, wooden skirting, etc. were submerged in the water. The water had to be pumped out of the basement. The carpet (size 59″ x 50″) and wooden skirting of 6″ if not dried faster were susceptible to water damage. If not thoroughly dried out, the basement would soon have had rampant mold /mildew problems. Indoor Air Quality could have easily been affected, closing the hotel for all the occupants.


Our Solution

TDS has delivered bespoke Water Damage Restoration services to many hotels. TDS was asked to tackled the problem called by the Manager Customer services at ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd.

TDS expert team reached the site within few hours. Given the urgency of situation the restoration job started immediately, The restoration work started with pumping of water and drying of furniture. Dehumidifiers were installed at the basement.

TDS had set up FFB 1000 (3 Nos), FFB 600 (1 No.) dehumidifier to provide about 2000 cfm of dry air. Drying began with the help of Vacuum Cleaners and High speed Blowers.

The task was to remove moisture from wet structural materials i.e. carpet, skirting, furniture and even concrete walls in the basement. The restoration work was completed in just 10 days.


TDS drying methods helped them to restore most of their furniture, carpets and interior structure as a result they saved their expense of refurnishing and reconstruction.TDS eliminated dangerous mold, mildew and bacteria by careful drying of wall interiors and other hidden area.

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